Info for Patients

This patients section serves to provide access to patients for care at Albany Sarataga Centers for Pain Management.  We welcome new patients and look forward to providing care for our existing patients.  Here we provide access to patient forms, telehealth and answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have questions about insurance coverage, you can look up the insurance coverage list in our FAQ that is updated from time to time or call one of our offices. For Albany call 518-463-0171 or for Saratoga Springs call  518-682-2240.

Our patients have a wide variety of pain issues. We use diagnostic procedures to find the cause of your pain. Our physicians have many therapeutic procedures that aim to provide long-term pain relief based on the results of diagnostic interventions.

These procedures may use chemicals, heat, cold, or surgical techniques to block nerve impulses. Examples of treatments for patients include epidural steroid injections, facet joint injections, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation and regenerative therapies including advanced platelet technologies for optimal regenerative outcomes.

We strive for excellent service for our patients, continuously train to maintain a high level of medical expertise, and make your health and well-being our priority.

Treatments for our patients are guided by imaging and are nearly painless. Sedation options are also available.